This stylish Porsche PD5 Titan Torch cigar lighter is a top-of-the-line accessory you can depend on! No sophisticated aficionado should be without a well-vetted cigar lighter, and this ultra-premium device makes for a fine companion piece. Featuring a compact, ergonomic design, stylish casing, a convenient fuel level window, and boasting an innovative quartz ignition, that unleashes a powerful wind-resistant flame at the click of a button! The PD5 Titan Torch cigar lighter from Porsche displays all the style and reliability you’d expect from the world-renowned leader in luxury— so if you’re in the market for a top-shelf piece of hardware, look no further than this titanic torch!
Also available as Alec Bradley Burner Lighter,Alec Bradley Mega Burner Lighter,Cigar Savor Double Torch Lighter (Blue),Cigar Savor Double Torch Lighter (Chrome),Cohiba Silver T3 Triple Torch,Porsche ALPS Black Flat,Porsche ALPS Gray Flat,Porsche Baden Black Double Torch,Porsche Baden Gray Double Torch,Porsche Baden Titan Double Torch,Porsche Eifel Black Single Flame Torch,Porsche Eifel Gray Single Flame Torch,Porsche Heber Black Torch,Porsche Heber CF Torch,Porsche Heber Gray Torch,Porsche Heber Titan Torch,Porsche PD5 Gray Matte Torch,Porsche PD5 Silver Pearl Torch,Porsche Selter Black Torch,Porsche Selter Gray Torch,Vertigo Single Flame Torch Lighter.


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